Our method for merging branches back to trunk:

  • branch> svn merge from trunk [rev_last_merged_from_trunk]:[HEAD]
  • branch> (resolve conflicts, deploy, test)
  • branch> commit
    (at this point, the branch should be exactly what trunk has plus all changes done in the branch)

  • trunk> svn merge from branch [rev_first_branched_from_trunk]:[HEAD]

For some reason svn still sees a ton of conflicts when doing that last step. In the past I would have to manually go through each file and just copy what was in the branch on top of trunk and then “mark resolved”. However, now there is a faster way: Using at least SVN v1.5 at command line:

svn resolve -R --accept theirs-full *

Thats it! Its a life saver. Or at least a time saver.

(This can be dangerous. Make sure you have resolved all true conflicts in the branch before doing the “resolve all”)

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Finally, a solution to the internal microphone not working in Skype on Ubuntu! Ever since upgrading to Jaunty I haven’t been able to use my IBM Thinkpad’s built-in mic for skype calls. Very inconvenient to say the least.

I stumbled across the sound edit controls today:

  1. Left click on the sou
    nd applet in the system tray and click “Volume Control”.

  2. Unmute the “Microphone”

I never knew this existed! Its not in my admin menu anywhere.

(I apologize to Pulse Audio for the many curse words erroneously thrown in its direction over this)

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OpenMRS recently added a non-null uuid column to every table.  All of our dbunit xml files needed to be updated to insert values for this attribute.  I wrote the following shell script to loop over all xml files under the current folder and add a uuid attribute to all rows that didn’t have an attribute already.  There is a bit of logic in there to ignore certain tables because those tables didn’t actually get any uuids.

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One of MySQL’s biggest annoyances is the lack of descriptive error messages. Often when dropping a table, index, foreign key you get a cryptic “errno 150 or errno152” error message.

Well, now when you come across those simply go to the command line and type:

show engine innodb status;

Scroll up a ways and see a very helpful message about exactly which other foreign key or index is causing the blockage! Why can’t MySQL put this information into error message to begin with??

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- 12 Apr 2009 -

Darius recently removed the patient set portlet that was unused in the default header. If you have a custom template/headerFull.jsp you will need to remove the content of the “popupTray” element. This effects versions 1.5.0 dev Build 7290. The full changeset.

If you don’t remove that, the error message you get is something like this:

The following error happened somewhere on this page: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: You must specify a fromAttribute when using the patientSet portlet

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