We have well over 50 million rows in our obs table. Using the simple “update obs set uuid = uuid() where uuid is null” would bomb out with a “The total number of locks exceeds the lock table size” error.

I ran this for a few hours to get through all rows. (Note that it overwrites any uuids that are currently there)

Copy this into a sql script and run it with “source” in mysql at command line.

drop procedure update_uuids;
delimiter //
create procedure update_uuids() begin
set @max = (select max(obs_id) from obs);
set @x = 1;
set @y = @x + 100000;
update obs set uuid = uuid() where obs_id >=@x and obs_id <@y; set @x = @y; until @x > @max
end repeat;
delimiter ;
call update_uuids();

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