My primary OS has been Ubuntu for the last 6 months or so.  Ubuntu Logo I have been quite happy with the switch away from XP.  (For those interested, I’m dual booting my ThinkPad laptop. ThinkWiki is a great resource for all Ubuntu tweaks specific to ThinkPads)

A Release Candidate was put out for Hardy Heron this last week.  I’ve been itching to upgrade and, unlike Brian, I wasn’t willing to (potentially) suffer through a beta release.  Upgrading from Ubuntu 7.08 was absolutely painless.  The only thing I had to do was run the standard Update Manager program with a flag to say I wanted to upgrade to a new release.  An unnecessary screenshot walkthrough can be found on the Ubuntu site:

The download took 20-25 mins on my cable connection, and the installation took about three hours.  I’m sure the installation would have been 30-60 minutes, but I was in-and-out all afternoon.  Dialog boxes kept popping up asking if I wanted to overwrite some custom config file.  This caused the whole process to halt until I came and clicked “ok”.  Everything worked the first time, I’ve had exactly zero “gotchas” so far! 🙂

I only had a few complaints with 7.04 Gutsy Gibbon.  The only one I can remember now is the silly Keyring Manager application that saved usernames and passwords.  A master password was all that you needed to be able to access all passwords for all applications that used it.  I was fine with this except that Network Manager used it for some reason to store my WEP key.  When initially logging on it would pop up and ask for my master password.  Meanwhile, all of my default apps were loading in the background and flailing about (Thunderbird, Firefox, and XChat).  I had switched to WICD as a very nice alternative, but it had a few other annoying habits of its own.

If I recall correctly, Hardy Heron doesn’t use the same Keyring Manager application anymore.  When I logged in the first time after reinstalling Network-Manager, I entered my master password and checked the little box labeled “Always log me in automatically”.  Voila!  Now I don’t have to enter my password at log-in.  Its a beatiful thing.  Combine that with the new Firefox 3 option of automatically loading my past tabs (instead of asking me if I wanted to everytime) and I can start up the laptop, walk away, and when I come back everything is loaded and waiting for me.

The one thing I miss is the ability to control-tab through my Firefox tabs.  I was using the LastTab plugin which allowed me to cycle through my tabs in the order I last accessed them.  The plugin hasn’t been updated for firefox 3 yet.  I tried cheating and unpacking the plugin and simply upping the maxVersion…but there were a few bugs that prevented it from working correctly unfortunately. Google gave me no alternatives.  I really don’t know why this isn’t an option baked into Firefox.

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