For security reasons, the latest OpenMRS now has the autocomplete=”off” html attribute on its login page.  This will prevent the users from seeing a dropdown of previously logged in users.

Unfortunately, this will cost developers precious seconds when writing and testing code.

I found this “Autocomplete Ongreasemonkey script to re-enable autocomplete on all forms.  However, I want Firefox to fill in the admin/test username and password on the form for me, and even with this script it wasn’t doing that.

Luckily I was able to easily craft a new greasemonkey script based on that example. This script inserts “admin” and “test” into all login pages on any OpenMRS site.  Click here to download and install my script: openmrs-login.js (after installing the greasemonkey plugin).

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Ever since upgrading to Firefox 3, I’ve been without my beloved LastTabfirefox It was but a simple extension: it allowed me to control-tab back and forth between tabs that I was working on.  With the many (many) tabs I like to keep open, well, being able to control-tab back through them in the order I last saw them was a real time saver.

Something better has finally come along: ctrl-tab.  It is as simple as LastTab…only prettier.  It apparently is slated to be included in Firefox 3.1.  Very nice.

(It appears that LastTab has been upgraded to work with 3.0 finally.  I’m a little disappointed I’m only finding out about this now.  I had added the writers blog to my Reader with the sole intent of being able to get the updated extension on its release date…but no!  No announcement was made by Timothy Humphrey on this blog.  For months now I’ve been reading his mumbo jumbo posts for naught!  Bah!)

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