- 01 Apr 2010 -

We held a training here in Indianapolis in February. Darius Jazayeri and I led the talks that walked through all development aspects of OpenMRS. You can see the agenda here: http://openmrs.org/wiki/OpenMRS_Developer_Training_Week_8-February-2010

Overall I was quite pleased with how the training went. There were more people involved that I expected: 40+ were in attendance physically at the Regenstrief building at some point during the week and another 10-15 that participated via the online web casts! One very positive outcome from the week was that Darius and I created a lot of wiki pages directly from the content we were talking about. This gave us a blueprint from which to talk while preserving the content for future users to see. I am still waiting to hear from Michael about the long-term availability of daily recordings.

I really see these types of trainings being a good long term revenue stream for OpenMRS. Obviously it won’t be able to be the only source, but if we had 3-4 trainings a year at various locations around the globe we would be able to hit a large number of developers. (Doing an implementer-centered training is a whole other matter) We learned a lot through this training: get the word out earlier, give out pre-training required reading, and write the entire week’s lesson plans prior to starting the training!

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