- 26 Feb 2010 -

Andy sleeping in front of computer My wife gave birth to our first son on Saturday: Andrew Benjamin Wolfe. He was a very healthy 8 pounds and 21 inches long. He has been eating and sleeping very well. Sleep is at a premium in the Wolfe household and we take it whenever we can get it. Our daughter, Eden, is 14 months old, and does her best to keep us both up all day to play with her!

I’ve been attempting to keep up with email while at home, but Andy has been fighting me for computer time!

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This seems fairly simple in hindsight, but I had a difficult time finding an answer to it, so I putting it down here for posterity’s sake.


I put this as the first changeset in a liquibase xml file. This disables the foreign key and constraint checking in mysql. This would work for other db’s as well, but I haven’t looked up their syntax just yet.

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