…are the shortcuts.

I’ve been using control-shift-t extensively since Darius first showed it to me a few months ago.  It will let you quickly find and jump to a java class across your current workspace.  (There is also an Open Type button by default in eclipse that you can use.)

I’ve always wanted a way to do the same except with our jsp, xml, and properties files.  I know most of the names of files and know where they are, I’m just lazy.  I want to be able to jump to them without having to expand the whole tree.

Well, Open Resource to the rescue!  Control-shift-r works just like the Open Type except with nonjava files.  Woot!

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  1. Saptarshi Says:

    Yes, this is one of those simple yet extremely useful features… These things really make using an IDE more useful that plain text editors!!

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