…is that most of the other users of Eclipse are also software developers.  I’d bet that 75% of the users of Eclipse are capable of writing a plugin for it.  This is part of the reason there are tons of eclipse plugins, as I’ve talked about before.

Yesterday I was lamenting the fact that Eclipse doesn’t have a middle-click-closes-tab functionality as Firefox does.  It finally disturbed me enough to go and do a quick google search for it.  Lo and behold, out of those many other Eclipse-loving programmers out there, one of them felt as I did.

I now have the ability to close my tabs with a simple middle click thanks to Andriy Palamarchuk and the middle click closes tab plugin.

Plugin site: http://www.hlsoft.com/clickclosestab_eclipse
Plugin update url for eclipse: http://update.mousefeed.com/

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