I had been camping back on WordPress 2.2 in fear of the upgrade process. I must have been worried that the downtime would scare off all three of my blog readers!

However, Burke‘s successful upgrade to version 2.5 gave me hope.  I took the plunge this weekend.

Well, I was right.  The upgrade process was long.  Actually, the upgrade process only took about 20 seconds.  However, I then proceeded to start fixing all of the little things in my blog and blog theme that have been bothering since the beginning.  That entire process took the rest of the afternoon. 🙂

WordPress 2.5 is pretty sweet.  Most of the upgrades are on the management side of things, so it doesn’t look any different to the end reader.  One of the big changes (that actually occurred back in 2.3) is the addition of tags. See the discussion on tags vs. categories.

I’m writing this post because I couldn’t figure out how to display the tags for a post in my theme.  Google searches for wordpress theme show tags, wordpress template tags, wordpress list tags, etc didn’t give me any useful results.  I’m posting this hoping it will help others find the solution faster.

The function_exists check is optional, and only necessary if you want your theme to be backwards compatible to pre wordpress 2.3.

<?php if ( function_exists(‘wp_tag_cloud’) ) : ?>
    <?php the_tags(‘Tagged as: ‘, ‘ | ‘ , ”); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

This will output a line such as: Tagged as: joe | bob | fred

This is in the babble category tagged as , ,

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