A new company named Kickfire launched at the MySQL 2008 Conference. Kickfire LogoTheir product is a rackmounted server intended to be used as a high-end database (and server, if need be). Their innovation is a cpu specific to sql commands: the “SQL chip”. It works in similar fashion to a graphics specific cpu or router cpu. Instead of taking in the normal assembly commands, the sql chip understands 10 or so sql type of commands: insert, update, join, etc. This change drops the number of commands being run on the chip by leaps and bounds. There are a few other changes they make, but you can learn those in their video.  They claim there is a 10x decrease in query time.

Kickfire is currently in beta. If you would like to join the beta program, I can put you in touch with the right people. Unfortunately, all beta boxes will be returned to Kickfire. Fortunately, OpenMRS implementers may have an opportunity at that point for a discounted machine. If you’re looking into buying a high end server, you definitely want to add the Kickfire box to your list of options.

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