I recently had the pleasure of setting up an ant build of OpenMRS on our new servers. After installing ant and the OpenMRS source code I kept getting a never-before-seen error when building:

No supported regular expression matcher found

I made sure I had jdk 1.6 installed. I tried upgrading to Ant 1.7 (from 1.6.5).

I ran an “ant -diagnostics”. It wasn’t showing the optional ant jars so I dropped all of the jars into the ant home lib directory. Now the jars were showing up but I was still getting the same error as before.

The solution ended up being that Ant lied to me. It was actually looking for the jars in /usr/share/java/ant (not in its reported /usr/share/ant). The puzzling thing is that Ant tells me it finds the jars when running “ant -diagnostics”.

I ended up installing the optional ant jars via yum. (or apt-get if you’re on a debian flavor) Yum didn’t have the explicit ant-optional package, so I just installed all ant-*.jar files. Voila! Successful building via ant is now possible.

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  1. diN0bot Says:

    thanks! i tried to fix this earlier and got bogged down in other incorrect solutions. apt-get install ant-optional did the trick!

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