The PIH developers used to have a daily tradition of sharing what new features and special tricks they found in Eclipse. I’ve had many such moments myself, albeit not nearly a daily thing…

Today, the thing I love about Eclipse is the abundance of plugins.  I sat here thinking, I wish I could control-click on an interface method and jump to the implementation of that interface.  The first hit in my google search gave me a plugin to install.  Now, instead of doing any silly looking for the Hibernate implementation of the ContextDAO, I can right-click on a method call, select “Open Implementation”, and boom, I’m looking at the HibernateContextDAO class.

You can find the implementation plugin described here and the eclipse update site link is: .

The other very helpful plugins I have installed are:

  • Subclipse –
  • FindBugs –
  • FreeMem –

In addition, because I upgraded to Eclipse (that last .1 is very important), I get built in jsp syntax highlighting.

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  1. Burke Says:

    Hey, thanks! I’ve wanted that same feature. Now, thanks to your blog…I got it too! 🙂

  2. Daniel Says:

    I love it. It is so cool!!! Boosts productivity!!!

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