I had a lot of trouble recently merging a renamed branch back into trunk. I ended up having to resort to the command line to get the exact parameter setup that I wanted. Subclipse didn’t quite cut it, unfortunately.

To set the stage:

  1. All changes on trunk have been merged to the branch (complex-obs) and committed
  2. The checked out trunk copy is up-to-date

I created a patch file comparing trunk to the branch:

svn diff –old /home/ben/workspace/openmrs-trunk-clean –new http://svn.openmrs.org/openmrs/branches/complex-obs > /home/ben/openmrs/patches/complexobs.diff

I then applied that patch file to my local trunk copy:

patch -p0 < /home/ben/openmrs/patches/complexobs.diff

This should only be used if you plan on closing the branch. Subversion isn’t able to keep track of any ancestry this way, so future merges would be harder.

Note: Diff files don’t handle binary files. You will need to move those yourself. I suggest comparing the patched trunk with your branch to make sure everything is the same. (In eclipse, select the root of both projects, then right click–>compare with–>each other)

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